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The (unofficial) My Chemical Romance Lexicon
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This is the unofficial dictionary/lexicon of My Chemical Romance-related/inspired words thought up by two geeks (ie julie709 and kittycatness). We feature a "word for the day" (previously updated pretty much every day, now only updated twice a week), which we recommend that you use daily in your conversations, and various MCR quotes. If you're good, or we're feeling particularly bouncy, you'll get a surprise. This may be a layout change, puzzle, graphic, or some sort of other fun bit which we've not quite figured out yet.

1) RESPECT the band.
We're here for the MCR love, not the MCR hate.
Loving fun-poking is fine, but NO hate in comments and/or email. We do NOT, under ANY circumstances WHATSOEVER call these boys any degrading/mean term. ("Geetard" is a four-letter word. So is "fat".)
We mean this.
Also covered under this rule:
Please control your hormones. Yes, the guys are attractive. We know just as well as you. But how embarrassing would it be if their parents/families saw that?

Very. That's how much.
So just kind of keep it to a minimum if at all possible? Please and thank you! :D

2) DO NOT cause DRAMA.
Don't cause problems for your fellow members or your mods. Please and thank you.
PLEASE do not call anyone's wife/fiancée/girlfriend/partner a name other than the one their parents gave them. Be respectful or don't say anything at all. We're here for MCR and the music they create. We do not say anything negative in this community about who they choose to be associated with, so please follow our example.

This is not to say that you cannot have negative opinions and not be part of the community. We are all entitled to our opinions. However, this community is not locked and any statement taken out of context could reflect negatively upon the character of the person with the negative opinion, and thus could also reflect negatively back upon the community and cause drama.

We don't want drama. (Also, how embarrassing would it be if one of the guys googled the band and we somehow popped up with a bunch of nonsense drama all over?)

Serious drama is cause for immediate banning.

3) DO NOT whinge about the band's haircut/tattoos/piercings/ect.
What they choose to do with their bodies is up to them. We have no say. Positive statements are always nice and are accepted with delight (ie: "I like Frank's tattoo" or "I like Bob's lipring").

4) Have fun.
That's really what it's about.

Failure to follow rules one through three will result in warnings (of which you have three). After the third warning, we will take action.

Failure to follow rule number four will result in us being sad. Please don't make us sad.

I have a word, too!!
Really? We'd LOVELOVELOVE to hear it. Post it in a comment (either here or in kittycatness's journal) or email it to mcr.dict[at]gmail.com with the subject line "I have a word for MCR_dict" or something similar to that.
If we like it (and we probably will because you're quite obviously brilliant), we'll use it and credit you. Sweet deal, right? (The correct response would be "Totally".)

Where do you get the quotes?
Recorded interviews, websites, recorded concerts, and/or magazine articles. If you have a quote that you would like to see posted, send an email to mcr.dict[at]gmail.com, or leave julie709 a comment on her journal.

How do you come up with the words?
We think of words that already exist and see if we can put an MCR twist on them. Sometimes we re-define them. Other times we're just cool and make it up ourselves. We've also got cool members who are seriously creative in coming up with words and who love to submit them to us for loads of credit and love.

How do you pronounce words such as MCRspired?
"MCR" can be pronounced as "Em-See-Argh-[rest of the word]". (MCRspired = Em-See-Argh-spired.)

How do I know if a word is appropriate for mcr_dict?
Generally, a word appropriate for mcr_dict has something to do with the band, their tours, and anything associated with MCR as a band or what they do.
Words are also usually based off of quotes, themes (such as church, hospitals, and the afterlife), and/or lyrics. This is not a strict guideline, obviously.
If you want to know if a word is appropriate, you can always email mcr.dict[at]gmail.com and ask for clarification.

Words that are NOT acceptable:
-Words referencing RPF/band-slash. (This is a BIG no-no.)
-Words referencing the boys' romantic/reallysuper personal lives. (This is another BIG no-no.)
-Words giving a negative context to MCR without clarification on the context. (See the 'Rules' section.)

When in doubt, ask.

Do we have to credit the banners we take?
No. If one of the mods makes banners/icons, link back to the community, please. A code generally accompanies the banner/graphic and you need only copy and paste the code into your userinfo/wherever you choose to place the banner.
If anyone else makes banners/icons, it's up to that person whether or not they'd like to be credited.


Do you poke fun at your best friend?
And you love your best friend, right?
We love MCR.
We would never say anything with any malicious intention against them.
We adore them, really.

Will you ever do any other unofficial dictionaries?
We don't know.
You can do one if you like.
You don't have to ask permission, just please email us for an affiliation (or, you know, don't).

Why do you guys have so many rules and all?
Because we love the guys and their music. It's not fair to anyone when a community goes bad and it seems that the number one reason a community kicks the bucket is drama. That's when it stops being fun. mcr_dict is all about the fun, the music, and the fans. We're all fans and it's important that we get along (even in a general sort of way). Otherwise, we're disjointed and it's not at all a pretty picture.

Also, the rules are just pretty much good courtesy and manners.

No. Definitely not.

I have a word/quote that I want to submit, but I don't know if it's been done already. How can I check?
All of the previous words and quotes are archived in our memories.
If your word has been done, but has a different definition, we'll post a new entry with a subscript "2" on the end of your word.

If you have any other questions that have not been answered, please email us at mcr.dict[at]gmail.com.



Have an MCR community/comic/website and want to affiliate? Go ahead and email us at mcr.dict[at]gmail.com with the community, comic, or website name and a button that you would like us to use (if you want us to use a button).

We do not know My Chemical Romance. We are in no way affiliated with MCR, their friends, family, affiliates, Eyeball Records, Warner Records, or Reprise Records. This community is purely in fun and should not be taken as "official". (Note the "unofficial" in our name.) We do not claim to know the band. We love them to bits and would never intentionally offend and/or hurt them and/or their families in any way, shape, or form.

mcr_dict is on indefinite hiatus/hold as of 5 September 2008.
We apologise for the inconvenience.
(See related post here.)