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Words or themes considered obscene as represented in MCR's music.

(Most markedly, the use of "four-letter-words" and some of the songs on TBP ((House of Wolves and Mama, mostly)). Most of us have no qualms with any of this because we love the band and know that it's music and it's art, but censors will rant about the content. To which most of us lovers defend our music or roll our eyes. Or both.)

Jared: Thank you for the venom.
Kyle: Dude... what are you talking about?
Jared: The MCR CD you lent me. It's totally amazing and full of venom. I can't listen to it while my grandmum and granddad are around.

Kylie: Mum, why did you take away my MCR CDs?
Kylie's Mum, Melissa: Because they're full of things you shouldn't be hearing.
Kylie: Mum, I may be a kitten, but I'm not ignorant. I understand that you're trying to protect me, but honestly, mum. I heard about MCR at church, for the love of goodness. I can handle the venom, mum. Trust me.
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